The world of golf may seem like a rightys world, but fret not leftys! There is still a place for you here, and we want to help! With players like Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson winning multiple major championships, the golf world is starting to see that left handed people are just as capable of conquering the green as a righty. Here are some lefty tips on how to hit more consistent golf shots:

Bubba Watson
Photo Credit: Galatians Design on flickr

For the most consistent hitting, left handed golfers should always practice grooving the perfect grip and stance.


Most all golfers will agree that a neutral grip is the best way to keep consistency when hitting. Here is how to get a good neutral grip:

1. The club face should fall behind the ball, Keep it square with your target.
2. Place the base of your right hand onto the grip. Then place you left hand directly under it, grip and interlock your pinky and pointer fingers.
3. The base of your left hand should cover your thumb. The V that is created by your thumb and forefinger on your left hand should point towards your left shoulder.


With stance you always want to make sure that with your stance you have the ball positioned correctly and aligned with your target. Following stance is your alignment.

1. With your club face placed behind the ball, lock onto your target and then draw a line back from the ball with your club and forward again toward the ball and aimed at the target without actually hitting the ball. This is the practice swing.
2. Find something that sits in the ball to target line, such as a divot.
3. Move into your set up position and aim the center of the club face towards the target.
4. Once you have your club aligned correctly, your toes, knees, hips and shoulders should all be set to the right angles to club face as well as the ball to line target.
5. Try thinking of a small train track when perfecting your stance, the ball sets on the right track to the target, as you feet sit on the left and the track exactly parallel of the ball.

Hopefully we did okay in helping out you beginner leftys to perfecting your grip and stance!