You’ve probably been told over and over again that you need to “Practice at the range” to get a better swing. It’s not that the statement isn’t true. Sure, you can get really good at swinging if you have time to hit the range everyday. Unfortunately for us normal people with day jobs who aren’t on a golf tour, we just don’t have the time to hit the range all the time. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to improve our game though. So how can we without the range?


According to Hank Haney, if you do 100 practice swings a day without a ball, just that alone will help improve your swing. Why? Well it’s helping build several things in the process:

  • Toughening your hands
  • Strength
  • Repetitive motion
  • Learning about where your motion takes your club
  • Making yourself coachable for lessons

You might not become a pro by taking 100 practice swings in your backyard everyday, but it’ll surely help to improve your game at least a little by putting in some effort each day.