When it comes to using your wedge on the green, many mistakes can bring your game down. In order to use your wedge correctly, it’s important to know how to set up for your shot. You don’t want to give your wedge to much of a workout, so it helps to bring an extra club to practice the shot.

Wedge Shot
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Steps To A Precise Wedge Shot


1. Target

Find your target, you may want to use a club to align your shot to the target, but for now just make sure your target is in your visual line.

2. Use An Extra Club

Now is when you would want to use that extra club to align the shot. Place it on the ground to mark the ball position 894uizr. The club shaft should be pointing directly to the ball, but is perpendicular to the target and extend back between your legs.

3. Stance

Make sure that both of your feet are parallel to the shaft, and the shaft is between your legs. During a wedge shot, you want to make sure that the ball is always evenly between your feet.

4. Angle

Angle your lead foot toward your target, doing this will make it easier to turn through the shot. Leave your left heel on the ground and pivot on it. The ball will seem to be much further back in your stance now. It should still be in the middle of your stance though, this is measured by your heels.

5. Shifting Weight

To hit down on the ball, put more weight on your lead foot. This will also help you in the rough to not catch as much green between your ball and the club face.

6. Test Your Swing

Testing your swing will help you in deciding whether or not this position is too “cramped” feeling or not. If you do feel cramped, you can move your lead foot back a few inches, as long as it stays aligned.

7. Practice

Practice makes perfect! So make sure you continue to practice this position and keep trying it until you have perfected it!

The popularity of hybrid golf clubs cannot be denied. You can see them in the bags of professional and amateur golf players alike. Over the last years, a lot of golfers have discovered the unique characteristics of hybrid clubs; the appearance of an iron and the increased distance of a wood. The benefits these clubs offer are advantageous for all golfers.

The reason why hybrid clubs became as popular as they are now is their ease of use. Golfers are highly recommended to try hybrid clubs as the benefits they will get are definitely plenty. Using hybrid clubs gives them the chance to hit the ball easily and with better distances than when they use either a long iron or a mid iron.

happy swing
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The Hybrid Club Technology

The hybrid club managed to find its way to the hearts and the bags of golfers not just because of its unique design, but also due to its technological advancement. The manufacturers deepened the cavity on the hybrid back so that more weight can be moved to the club head’s perimeter. By cleverly maneuvering this club head weight – moving it from the centre into the edges – a bigger MOI or moment of inertia is effectively created once a senior golfer hits the ball. This simply means that the hybrid’s club head has not much way of twisting around when the ball is hit from the heel or the toe. This is a very efficient perimeter weighing technique that allows for greater distances on off-centre strikes; additionally it also aids in lifting the ball high up in the air. Since hybrid clubs are very much similar to fairway woods, they do have smooth round soles, which make them perfect if the golfer intends to slice through tough lies such as deep roughs. This is an ideal fusion of versatility and forgiveness, which is one good reason why golfers are advised to go for hybrid clubs.

The Hybrid Club Technique

There is actually not much need to create big set up adjustments when you use hybrid clubs. Golfers can easily use hybrid clubs just as if they are playing with long irons. For instance, if a hybrid has middle iron loft (similar to 5 or 6 iron) it is easy to set up for a shot in middle iron range. Most hybrid clubs are specifically designed to replace the long iron (those in the 2, 3 and 4 iron ranges) because generally, these are the clubs that are considered to be the hardest to hit. Here are the best techniques to consider when using hybrid clubs:

Since hybrid clubs are mainly designed to take the place of the long irons, there is the need for golfers to set up accordingly. With a 4 iron the ball should be placed a bit forward of centre to enable a faintly descending blow.

The positions of the shoulders, feet and the hips ought to be squared right into the ball-to-target line; similar to the position when making long iron shots.
An iron action is required if the intention is to swing the club away and directly through the golf ball.

A ‘sweeping’ action that is commonly used when playing with a fairway wood should be avoided when using a hybrid; instead it would be a whole lot better to strike down directly and then hit through the ball, creating a clip on the turf.

Try to use hybrid clubs and see for yourself if they are indeed easy to use. Perhaps, they are the secret to help you boost you shots’ distances.

You’ve probably been told over and over again that you need to “Practice at the range” to get a better swing. It’s not that the statement isn’t true. Sure, you can get really good at swinging if you have time to hit the range everyday. Unfortunately for us normal people with day jobs who aren’t on a golf tour, we just don’t have the time to hit the range all the time. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to improve our game though. So how can we without the range?


According to Hank Haney, if you do 100 practice swings a day without a ball, just that alone will help improve your swing. Why? Well it’s helping build several things in the process:

  • Toughening your hands
  • Strength
  • Repetitive motion
  • Learning about where your motion takes your club
  • Making yourself coachable for lessons

You might not become a pro by taking 100 practice swings in your backyard everyday, but it’ll surely help to improve your game at least a little by putting in some effort each day.

For those who are not aware, a 4-man scramble is a golf format where four players form a team and all contribute to the score of the whole rather than the score of each individual/themselves. This type of game is usually reserved for large scale tournaments for charity, company games, etc. This strategy of game makes it very fun as everyone with all abilities can contribute to the game. This also speeds the game up so that it doesn’t consume a large portion of time.

Teams are usually formed with a group of players where each golfer has some sort of handicap, but coming together they basically make up the ultimate golf player.

Bradley, Rick, Casey and Ted
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How To Play

1. The teams opening course can be any on any hole on an 18-hole course depending on the tournament organizers. Each team member will start from the same tee off.

2. The general consensus of the scramble team will decide which hole is best to tee off from. Usually the best and most chosen is the tee off that is the longest drive and will land you in the fairway.

3. The spot of the best tee off spot will be marked with a tee or golf ball, and the team members must pick up their ball from where it landed and replace it within golf club length of the best tee spot.

4. Team members keep marking the best tee spots until one member makes it into the hole, the score will be based off of the total of the best shots.

Make sure that you include all levels of players on your team. Having a good short game player can help you in the long run even though you think having all good long drive players will be best. That is what makes this game so unique and fun! It take tact, skill, and forethought.

The world of golf may seem like a rightys world, but fret not leftys! There is still a place for you here, and we want to help! With players like Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson winning multiple major championships, the golf world is starting to see that left handed people are just as capable of conquering the green as a righty. Here are some lefty tips on how to hit more consistent golf shots:

Bubba Watson
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For the most consistent hitting, left handed golfers should always practice grooving the perfect grip and stance.


Most all golfers will agree that a neutral grip is the best way to keep consistency when hitting. Here is how to get a good neutral grip:

1. The club face should fall behind the ball, Keep it square with your target.
2. Place the base of your right hand onto the grip. Then place you left hand directly under it, grip and interlock your pinky and pointer fingers.
3. The base of your left hand should cover your thumb. The V that is created by your thumb and forefinger on your left hand should point towards your left shoulder.


With stance you always want to make sure that with your stance you have the ball positioned correctly and aligned with your target. Following stance is your alignment.

1. With your club face placed behind the ball, lock onto your target and then draw a line back from the ball with your club and forward again toward the ball and aimed at the target without actually hitting the ball. This is the practice swing.
2. Find something that sits in the ball to target line, such as a divot.
3. Move into your set up position and aim the center of the club face towards the target.
4. Once you have your club aligned correctly, your toes, knees, hips and shoulders should all be set to the right angles to club face as well as the ball to line target.
5. Try thinking of a small train track when perfecting your stance, the ball sets on the right track to the target, as you feet sit on the left and the track exactly parallel of the ball.

Hopefully we did okay in helping out you beginner leftys to perfecting your grip and stance!

The many benefits of playing golf are why it’s a favorite pastime for many people. Golfing is not only fun and good for your health, but it is one of the best ways to bond with your family and friends, as well as conduct business. However, it is quite expensive. With club membership fees, equipment and other expenses, you are likely to go over your budget. The good news is that there are ways to play golf without boring a hole in your pocket.

Golf Ball
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Use these tips to enjoy a game on the green and not worry about the cost.

1. Consider buying second-hand golf clubs. Used equipment costs much less than new. A friend could sell you his old clubs. In used stores, there might be an old, but still serviceable, set. If you’re sure to buy a good one, an older set of clubs will in no way affect your skills on the green.

2. Have patience. If you have the patience, you can wait until new supplies arrive at the store and old stock is sold at bargain prices. The previous year’s model is cheaper than new models.

3. Use selling techniques. When you buy items in bulk or during sales, you can get discounts. A golfer may buy clubs once or twice in a lifetime, but he needs a steady supply of balls, gloves, tees and more. Save money by buying in larger quantities or wait until a store has a sale. Imagine how much money you’ll save!

4. Save on green, member and other fees. Golf venues charge higher rates in the morning and on weekends. Most clubs offer lower rates after sunset when the greens are almost empty. Weekends are crowded with all the regular players. Save money by playing late or on weekdays.

5. Exercise and save. No need to pay a cart fee if you just walk the course. Give yourself the opportunity to play and exercise at the same time. You can escape the heat if you play after sunset.

6. Utilize pull carts. Use a pull cart, not an electric cart, for rent in private courses. You can also buy an inexpensive pull cart. You can opt for a new one or a used one, which will be much cheaper.

7. Get affordable attire. There’s no need to buy a new wardrobe: You can wear any of your collared polo shirts and khaki or denim shorts. Be sure to buy a pair of golf shoes; a tennis pair will also do.

8. Recycle “broken” wooden tees. Some golfers use large wooden tees that snapped after a shot. They also use different sizes and kind of tees. Recycling wooden tees can mean saving.

9. Wait for membership drives. There are certain times of the year that private clubs initiate membership drives and offer lower dues.

10. Save on snacks. You’ll definitely need food on the greens to replenish your energy. Food served in the clubhouse is costly. You can economize by preparing snacks at home and eating between holes.

Golf is a worthy game for all, and since our constitution says that all men are created equal, you have every right to play. Say goodbye to high costs because there are ways to play without emptying your wallet. Use these tips to cut down your expenses.

What’s the old saying? – “Drive for show, Putt for dough.”? It’s a phrases that keeps being said, because it’s true.

We all know that one of the main parts of a golf game is the putting. Now, there is a certain way to make sure your putting is on point and we are going to help you to become a master putter!


  1. Don’t hit the ball up. Your guru friend who is telling you that you need to hit the ball up to get the perfect putt is wrong. Here is why, when hitting up on the ball, you will make it hop, which in turn will lower your chances of getting that perfect soft spin to the hole. Try keeping the putter low, naturally there will still be a little bit of hop, but not nearly as much as if you hit up, and keeping it low will produce smoother strokes.
  2. During long distance putts, focus on the target, not the ball. This will help you to assess the distance and therefore strike the ball at a reasonable speed to get it closer to the hole.
  3. Practice putting. Everyone practices their long haul swings at a golfing range, but why not practice putting too? It’s just as important, and no one wants to end up wasting 3 swings on the putting green. So practice your putting skills regularly.
  4. Try the “Gator Clamp”, Steve Scott came up with a grip that you can do to help you  stabilize the putter, especially if you are playing with a group who does not allow anchoring. Just clamp your right hand to your left forearm just above where you are gripping the putter.
  5. Give your arms room to move. Don’t stiffen up and become mechanical during your putting. Stand a little further from the ball and allow some space for your arms to move.
  6. A physical routine for putting is important, but just as important is a mental routine. Routine helps to keep the body consistent, so why not keep your mind consistent too? Lexi Thompson has a mental routine of assessing the green with her feet and mind as she gets closer to it, then she gets low and close to the ball from behind to assess her putt, then she takes a deep breath with each stroke, letting her instincts take over.


There are so many things you can do/try to improve your putting, you just need to put in the work and see what fits for you! Good luck out there!

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